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At the end of this project that kept us for a lot of this year, we thought to go to Sirmione, at the Lake Garda, to visit what is called "the Catullus’ caves", or rather the ruins of the Roman country-house which belongs to the Roman poet’s family.

We realised that this attribution is quite uncertain even if we know Catullus’ rich family had a house in this place. As a matter of fact the poet often quoted this residence.

What is left is little compared to the huge structure it must have been.

You can see the shops, rooms so called for the structure and not used for business.

The upstairs garden was sorrounded by double "CRYPTOPORTICUS".

Moreover you can still recognise the impluvium, that picked up the rain water for the three poools, the bedrooms, the covered passage from the flats, the velarium (an awning drawn over a space for the hosts as a protection from rain or the sun) and the beautiful mosaic floors that we could admire inside the museum.

Sirmione, Catullus' villa . Museum.
The plastic model of the villa


Margherita De Mori